Condolence to Ir. Sekarajasekaran

Ir Sekarajasekaran Arasaratnam
27 April 1928 – 7th May 2021
Age 93

On 7 th May, Erinco Sdn Bhd lost our company founder and mentor, Ir Sekarajasekaran. He passed away at IJN on 7 May early morning at the age of 93 after a bout of pneumonia.

He was the MD of Erinco since 1984, President of Erinco Sdn Bhd since 2004 and advisor since 2014. He founded the consulting firm in 1984 after he retired from government service. Consulting and mentoring young engineers was his prime passion.

He was in Government service from 1951 to 1983 before in retired and started a new career in consulting and other ventures.

He was with the Public Works Department as the Technical Assistant of Waterworks from 1951 to 1959, thereafter as Assistant Resident Engineer, Executive Engineer and Waterworks Engineer from 1965 to 1966.

He joined the Ministry of Health in 1968 as a Senior Public Health Engineer and was promoted to Chief Public Health Engineer in 1972.

He was the Director of Engineering Services in the Ministry of Health from 1980 to 1983.

Mr Sekarajasekaran has greatly contributed to the growth of the environmental engineering and public health engineering specialties and industries in Malaysia.

He started a small public health engineering unit in the Ministry of Health in the late sixties. This unit is now one of the major Division’s of the Ministry of Health in Malaysia. Several engineers trained under him have moved on to build other associated departments in other Ministries. Some have gone on to serve International Agencies.

Mr. Sekarajasekaran was the visionary who created many new programmes that benefited the entire country. He laid the foundation to these programs which are implemented even to this date.


Some of these include:

• The Rural Environmental sanitation program(RESP) through which safe water and sanitation was provided to entire rural areas of Malaysia.

This move alone drastically reduced the disease burden from water Borne diseases saving thousands of lives.

• The National Drinking Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance Programme was a clear vision which evolved into a major success in providing safe drinking water throughout the country and established a system for close monitoring of Drinking water quality.

• The National Sewerage development plan was initiated to improve environmental sanitation in urban areas. This started off with numerous studies on urban sewerage which later evolved into major sewerage projects in urban areas, culminating in the privatization of sewerage services through Indah water Konsortium.

• The National Solid Waste management Plan and strategy was formulated and later implemented in Local Authorities.

• The Hospital Engineering Program was initiated to systematically manage public hospitals throughout the country involving recruitment and training of huge numbers of engineers and technicians and putting in place maintenance norms in hospitals.

• The introduction of the Radiation protection program in all government and private hospitals and clinics throughout the country.

• The Environmental Health Program was started beginning from rural areas and gradually moved to urban areas putting Malaysia in the forefront of introducing basic services to improve health status.


Mr. Sekarajasekaran never compromised on quality and always strived for excellence in whatever is done. He believed in continuous learning and ensured all his staff received specialized training to serve better.

Having retired as a Government servant after having served for many decades, he established an engineering consultancy firm specialising in water and wastewater engineering and was still active in managing this firm at the age of 93 years.

He was also a property developer and also ventured into a number of business ventures.

The most successful business venture he participated in was Top Glove Bhd, the world largest Glove manufacturing company. He was a non- executive director and a shareholder there before handing over the position to his daughter Sharmila.

Mr Sekarajasekaran has served the public sector and the private sector and has contributed greatly to the development of the nation.

Credit goes to him for his vision to provide basic services to the rural and urban areas of Malaysia. He will always be remembered as the always cheerful fatherly figure to all who grew under his tutelage.

A simple man he did not flaunt his wealth or his accomplishments.

Rest in peace Mr Sekaran.

From The Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia.