Covid-19 Survey No: 3 – Short Survey On Members’ MITI’s Approval

31 July 2021 is marked as the 500th (five hundredth) day since the MCO was imposed on 18 March 2020. This survey is intended to gauge the number of member firms/respondents who have attained approval to continue business operations as of to-date. It is also aimed to obtain reasons in the event of the firm not being granted or unable to obtain approval from MITI to continue their services during this period.

Briefly, this short survey will give ACEM the opportunity to obtain statistics on the member firms’ status in obtaining MITI’s approval to continue operations as of August 2021 due to the present limitations caused by the pandemic situation.

Enclosed is the link for the survey

The survey will be closed on 11 August 2021.

Thank you for taking time to complete the survey that is aimed at finding out the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic among ACEM members.