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ACEM Directory 2022/2023 Advertisement

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No Position Slot
1 Inside Front Cover Taken
2 Facing Inside Front Cover Taken
3 Outside Back Cover Taken
4 Inside Back Cover Taken
5 Facing Inside Back Cover Taken
No Special Position – Facing Forewords/Contents/Messages Slot
6 Facing Content Taken
7 Facing Introduction to ACEM Taken
8 Facing Foreword Taken
9 Facing Messages - Minister of Work (MOW) Taken
10 Facing Messages - Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI) Available
11 Facing Messages - Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) Taken
12 Facing Messages - Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Taken
13 Facing Messages - ACEM President Taken
No Special Position - Opposite Sections Dividers Slot
14 6 slots Available Available
No Intermediate – Pages Slot
15 Many slots Available
- 6 slots Booked