President Message

Dear Esteemed Members, Partners, and Friends of ACEM,

It is with great pride and honour that I address you as the new President of the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM). In year 2023, we are celebrating our 60th Anniversary and building upon the remarkable legacy of my predecessor, I stand before you with a deep sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for the path ahead.

ACEM is more than just an association; it is a thriving community of leading and experienced practitioners in the engineering consultancy industry. Our members have left an indelible mark on Malaysia and beyond, contributing to iconic structures and shaping our nation’s progress. Their expertise spans a wide spectrum of engineering consulting services, covering sectors from agriculture to transportation and beyond.

One of ACEM’s unique strengths lies in its active involvement in the development of rules, regulations, and standards. Our members have played pivotal roles in various government institutions, actively shaping the policies and practices that govern the engineering profession in Malaysia. We have been an integral part of institutions like the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), the Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB), Standard Malaysia and many others.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our members, partners, and clients who have shown unwavering confidence in ACEM’s role and services. Your trust is the cornerstone of our dedication to delivering high-quality and timely engineering solutions that enhance the quality of life and living.

As we step into a new era, ACEM remains committed to fostering excellence, innovation, and sustainable engineering practices. We will continue to strengthen our bonds with government bodies, industries, and organizations, working collaboratively to shape the future of consulting engineering in Malaysia.

I invite all of you to actively participate, share your insights, and engage with ACEM’s vibrant community. Your contributions and support are invaluable as we continue our journey to create a better, more resilient, and sustainable future for all.

Together, we will overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and leave an enduring legacy in the field of engineering consultancy. I am excited to work with each one of you as we embark on this transformative journey together.

Ir. Chong Chew Fan,
ACEM President