1.          Introduction

The P. Ganendra Scholarship, established in 2009 is set up in memory of the late Ir. P. Ganendra, one of the leading luminaries in engineering consultancy in Malaysia, who had set the pace for the growth of the industry in the 1970s through his vision and passion for engineering. The late Ir. P. Ganendra had set up Minconsult Sdn Bhd, one of the largest multidisciplinary engineering consultancy in Malaysia and through his untiring effort built up one of the largest collection of technical journals, books and publications now housed in the P. Ganendra Library.

             The P. Ganendra Scholarship is set up to assist deserving individuals to pursue an undergraduate course in engineering at a local university recognized by the Board of Engineers, Malaysia.

             The P. Ganendra Scholarship is managed by the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM) for and on behalf of the Ganendra family.

2.         Field of Study

The Scholarship is offered for a First Degree course in the field of Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering related to the Building and Construction Industry at a recognized local university.

3.         Announcement and Selection of Candidate(s)

The Announcement for the scholarship will be made via universities/colleges, the ACEM quarterly journal, Suara Perunding, the ACEM website at www.acem.com.my and/or circular email to members not later than September each year.

The completed application forms will be submitted to the Scholarship Fund Committee through the ACEM Secretariat. The eligible candidate(s) will be selected by the Scholarship Fund Committee.

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