General Notice and Information on 57th AGM on Saturday, 26 September 2020

Dear All ACEM members

It appears that some of ACEM’s members have not received the letter that was sent via email on 22nd July 2020, regarding the: “Timeline for Submission of Resolution for 57th Annual General Meeting”

It seems that the email sent out using our newly installed email system integrated with Pegasus did not reach some members for some technical reasons. The technical support team is taking corrective action to prevent recurrence of such incidents.

We wish to clarify that the stated timeline for submission of resolution for the 57th AGM was an extra effort to allow members to be notified earlier of any resolution so that members are given the opportunity to personally vote on the resolution via postal ballot.

However, members can still sent in their resolution 14 days before the AGM as provided under the constitution but voting by proxy shall then apply. Therefore, those members who did not receive the notice on 22nd July 2020 will not be deprived of their rights to submit any resolution and can do so accordingly. As such the problem of the email sent out on 22nd July 2020 not reaching some members does not invalidate the proposed 57th AGM.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but will improve the new emailing system, as they appeared to be some weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Thank you again

Best regards
ACEM Secretariat

8th September 2020

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