Imported Materials Announcement – CIDB Malaysia

IMPORTED MATERIALS ANNOUNCEMENT In accordance with the Certificate of Approval (COA) procedures and conditions, under the Customs (Prohibition On Import), any product / building materials that is intended to be brought into the country must obtain Product Certification or pass the Full Type Test Report (FTTR ) from producer countries BEFORE ENTERING THIS COUNTRY.

Effective 30 April 2014 (Bill of Lading Date) any product that has arrived at the country entrance without having one of the above documents, the CoA application will not be processed by CIDB. Importers must bear any implications arising out of breach of these terms.

However, based on the existing policy set by MITI, the products below are given flexibility in which the product can undergo testing upon reaching the Country :-

Iron & Steel (below 250 mt)
Float Glass, Fiber Cement Flat Sheet, Insulation Material and Radient Barrier (from 31 January 2014 till 31 Mar 2014 only).
Application for Certificate of Approval(COA)
The program is part of the Customs Act (Prohibition on Import) 1988 Amendment 2003/2004 to ensure the quality of imported construction products. The construction materials listed in the Customs Act must have a Certificate of Approval (COA) from CIDB before materials can be imported into Malaysia. The need to obtain COA is based on the requirements of Malaysia Standard (MS).

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