Public Consultation for the Proposed Revision on Board of Engineers Malaysia’s Notification Scale of Fee 1998

Dear Esteemed Members,

As a valued member of the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia, we would like to inform you that The Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) has recently announced a public consultation on the revision of the Scale of Fees 1998. This is a crucial opportunity for us, as consulting engineers, to contribute our insights and feedback to ensure that the revised scale is reflective of industry standards and meets the needs of all stakeholders.

We strongly encourage each and every one of our members to actively participate in this consultation process. Your valuable input will play a significant role in shaping the future of our profession and ensuring that our industry remains dynamic and competitive.

To access the associated documents and submit your comments, kindly visit the Unified Public Consultation (UPC) platform via the link provided below.$NAMESPACE=UPC&redirPage=regulation&redRegId=822&redId=2&regId=822

Your thoughtful contributions are essential in fostering a collaborative and transparent approach to the revision of the Scale of Fees 1998. Let us collectively make a positive impact on the direction of our industry.

Thank you for your commitment and active participation.

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